Ed Gets an Astrophoto Gallery Showing

 By Ed Ting 

Updated 5/6/17

     I never expected to be recognized for my astrophotography, but in early 2017 a local arts organization expressed interest in doing a showing of my recent images.  With some help from the amazing staff at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (you know who you are) I had my images show-ready within a few weeks.  A total of 27 works would be presented at the Millspace Galleries in Newmarket, NH.  I promised to do a short reading about amateur astronomy, as well as a 45 minute lecture on astronomy and astrophotography in general.  The space, an old converted mill building with cavernous rooms, high ceilings, and a great old-world vibe, turned out to be a wonderful space for exhibiting astro images.

     My show stayed up for one month.  I had numerous compliments, and even sold a couple of items.  I am so gratified that people found the experience worthwhile.


     May, 2015