30th Reunion, Oct 6th, 2012

Holiday Inn, Taunton, Mass

Updated 10/28/12

(Images are mostly uncompressed, please be patient!)

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We had a ball, with about 60 attendees at the Holiday Inn, starting at 7 PM.



The Group Photo, holding a sign for Keith Fuller, who's currently serving in Afghanistan.  How many people can you identify?


The Second Group Photo


Setting up, mid afternoon.  We were working right up until the moment the first attendee showed up!


Let's see...this stuff goes here...


Table Settings.


Not too crooked, if you ask me!


Steve LeRoux came prepared!


What do you think they're planning on doing after the reunion??


Steve LeRoux, doing what comes naturally.


The guests start to arrive around 7 PM.  Jesse Melcher.


Barbara Allard.


Mindy Lizotte and husband Chris.


Dennis Amaral, who came up from the D.C. area.


Kristine and Mindy.


Dawn Ditano and guest.


Candy Welch (R) with Nancy Lindstrom in background.


Nancy Lindstrom and guest.


Rose Estremera.


Abby Kennealy.

Robert Pospisil and guest.


Karen Kull. 


Ken St. Don and guest.


Charlie Haff.


Art Lambi and guest.


Jose (Joe) Rebelo.



Paul Cunningham.


Rob Davignon.


Arthur Tong.


Jen Reid and Andy Gilbert.


Bev Sagar.


Laureth Curran.


Monique Chabot.


Donna Bowlin and Sue Governo.


Scott Enos.


Robin Ryan.


Steve LeRoux cleans up nicely.


Freddie Ghiosis.


Chris Therrian.