Well, this virtual tour starts with the lockers near the occupational wing. They look like they are in need of some serious TLC. Did any of you use these lockers? Mine was in "A" building. Do you remember where your locker was?

The second picture is the Apprentice Cafe in the culinary department. Its actually really nice in their dining area and open to the public for lunch.



Here are some photos of the cafeteria in B1. Besides the regular lunch line, students can visit the cafe where they can choose from several ala carte items, approximately 30 different beverages...including a slush puppy machine!!



There is also cereal, many many snacks, subs, wraps, salads, freshly made pretzels, appetizers and more. A far far cry from our 2 entrees and white or chocolate milk!




One thing that is new and unexpected I bet, is a police department. It is located in B1.


The art department is in the same spot as always and there are still those wonderfully talented students! One difference is students can now take a jewelry course and learn how to design and make beautiful jewelry.




Ok, now here is something we never had! Inside the pit is the main office, large-scale map of the school and are you ready for this... a bank!




Here is the hallway to the entrance of the typing department. I don't think any of the current AHS students have ever use a type writer! They are high tech now with the computer age. The computer lab has 30 gorgeous flat screen desktops that have amazing capabilities!


Here is one of the many trophy cases located at the pool entrance. There are quite a few more trophies than there used to be!




Here is the hallway heading into the locker rooms. Yikes! I don't think they have painted since we were there!



Heading around the back section of the building we see the landscape departments' greenhouse where students learn to grow, cultivate and sell plants to the public.  In the court yard, we see that nothing has changed.





On the last leg of the tour we enter the occupational wing in the back of the school. There is still elctricity, welding and carpentry departments. There is also a technology departments with computer aided design, medical assisting and last but not classroom!  



Thanks for taking the virtual tour!



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Updated 4/2/12